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The Weekly Wrap - April 1, 2022

With the calendar page turning to April, it’s with great pleasure that we say good riddance to the first quarter. To be sure, not all the news was bad. The Omicron variant vanished as quickly as it appeared, although it has birthed a subvariant that may yet prove troublesome if it follows the path seen in China and some other nations. But the good news on the domestic health front was overshadowed by a litany of downbeat developments that is casting a dark cloud over the start of the second quarter. The war in Ukraine has ushered in the worst humanitarian crisis since World War 11, and the agony and suffering will persist long after a ceasefire is declared. Along with the human toll, the war is also wreaking havoc on the global economy, stoking inflationary pressures that were already raging under pandemic-related supply-chain stresses and leading to sanctions that are curtailing energy, food and other critical resources that will slow, if not reverse, growth in nations heavily dependent on these inputs.