In today’s regulatory environment, Asset/Liability Management (ALM) is a major point of emphasis for credit unions of all sizes.

As credit union balance sheets continue to grow, so too does the need to manage increasingly complex investment and loan portfolios. As such, ALM is less of a luxury and more of a necessity.

Since 1992, the Asset & Investment Management (AIM) Team has consulted with credit unions of all asset sizes, providing sound, practical and impartial financial advice. With AIM, you can join a trusted partner who will help manage your assets and meet your targets.

Benefits Include:

  • Money Savings - Maintaining hardware, software, data and staff for in-house ALM will quickly add up
  • Time Savings - You collect and share the data, we do the work to provide you a comprehensive ALM analysis
  • Customization - Get the solution you need, not template reports. We customize your report to fit your credit union.
  • Valued Resource - Each AIM Analyst is equipped with resources and expertise and will act as an extension of your credit union.