About Us

Since 1992, the Asset & Investment Management Service (AIM) has consulted with credit unions of all asset sizes, providing sound, practical and impartial financial advice. With AIM, you can join a trusted partner who will help manage your assets and meet your targets. AIM offers a variety of products and services to assist credit unions with ALM, liquidity, investing, and other related issues.

Asset/Liability Management (ALM) is a point of emphasis for credit unions of all sizes. As your credit union’s balance sheet grows, so does the need to manage your increasing complex investment and loan portfolios. As such, ALM has proven not to be a luxury, but, a necessity. The service includes ALM analysis that your credit union can receive quarterly, semi-annually, or annually according to your needs.  AIM also offers a variety of other ALM services, including, but not limited to, model validations, core deposit studies, prepayment modeling, fair value reporting and policy design and review.

When your credit union needs access to funding, the AIM team is your one-stop resource. AIM will walk you through the process from start to finish offering suitable solutions for your short-term and long-term needs. Some of our liquidity resources include non-member deposit CD issuance, loan participations, and corporate loans.

AIM’s investment services are personalized for your credit union. Our goal is to offer competitive rates with brokered certificates, corporate certificates, and securities. Your credit union will receive ongoing investment recommendations and portfolio structuring, investment advisory, security analysis, investment accounting and safekeeping services, among others.

Additionally, AIM can also assist your credit union with volunteer and staff education. This can include education for your staff regarding management decision making, training for your Board on ALM, or providing more information about managing your credit union's investments.

AIM is also a great source for market and economic information. To keep you updated and informed, AIM provides Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Financial & Economic reports, as well as, FOMC releases and special reports.