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Hmmm...Issue In-Network or DTC?

We've said it time and again, SimpliCD Issuance is an easy, affordable way to raise funds for your credit union. Now you can choose your method - In-Network or DTC! Let's compare the two to find the solution that best fits your credit union...

SimpliCD In-Network               vs.               DTC Issuance
Same Day Settlement Needs to settle at least a week in advance
Interest can be automatically pulled from your settlement account. Interest payments initiated via wire transfer.
Access to 3,500 credit union investors Access to public funds, other institutional investors, and all U.S. credit unions
Although certificates are meant to be held to maturity, investors may inquire about early withdrawal due to mergers or liquidity. No early withdrawal. If an investor needs out of a certificate it is resold in the secondary market.
A credit union may issue in any amount. A credit union usually needs to issue at least $2 million.
One time, one page agreement required. Then, an offer may be initiated with a phone call or email. One time brokerage agreement and one time DTC letter of Representation required. Then, a terms agreement must be signed for each offer.

Hopefully this helps you on the path to choosing your SimpliCD Issuance preference. Contact your AIM Financial Analyst TODAY to learn more and move forward with raising the funds your credit union needs!